One of the official fans tools in the upcoming World Cup is the official Vuvuzela. If you still don’t know what a Vuvuzela is, you are way not updated with the new thing around, if you already saw or heard the voice of the vuvuzela, you can not stay apathetic to it. Get Your World cup 2010 Official Branded Vuvuzela

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Loud Stadium Horn,

collapsible (as seen in image) to approx. 13-13 1/2 inches in length

It kind of sounds like an elephant and is a great way to show your support for your on-field heroes. $7.99

Free with 24

Goal Club points

($7.19 for Goal Club


This product is available in the following colours: Blue , Black , White , Yellow , Red , Grey 48.54R

(South African Currency)

The Vuvuzela is available to purchase online, you need to know which kind of Vuvuzela you are looking for. There are small size Vuvuzela you can find online and Medium size Vuvuzela for older’s. Both are the same but the amount of air you need to blow inside is different. The small ones are for kids to use during the World Cup games in South Africa 2010.

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There is an addtional horn for the World Cup games and it called the Kuduzela. Just like the option to buy Vuvuzela online, you can buy the Kuduzela. The Kuduzela looks like a real horn and designed as the Kudu horn from the nature of the wild South Africa.

The Kuduzela is made from plastic just like the official Vuvuzela, but promoted as a traditional South African tool and made with the support of the National bank in South Africa. This may be the reason why the Kuduzela will by pass the official Vuvuzela and it will become the official Horn for the thousands of fans in the World Cup 2010.

We are looking forweard to see the fans around the world buying Vuvuzela’s and Kuduzelas online and joining the great Soccer event world wide. Whenever you are going to blow the Vuvuzela at home watching the games on TV or in the stadium with the rest of your national team supporters, the sound will be heard.