World Cup 2010 ball

It’s not just a ball, it’s the World Cup 2010 official ball. Get the world cup 2010 ball – here!

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The official Adidas Jabulani FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Match Ball is for sale for limited edition for the World Cup 2010. This special price is valid until the end of the month only- $134.99

The ball, each ball, before taking part on the World Cup 2010 games, will have to take place in some tests and examinations and to keep its properties after these tests. Of course it will have to stay round, at the right diameter, will have to have the right weight and the same flexibility, will have to show the same characters before and after and keep the loss of pressure according to FIFA guide. Just to make the story interesting, each FIFA ball, in order to be allowed to be played with in the World Cup 2010 games, must weigh between 441 and 44 grams!

Looking at the technology of the world cup 2010 ball, which is about to be kicked first in June 2010, at the first game of the South African World Cup, makes you believe in it even more

The South African World Cup is also having special soccer ball for the fans, The South Africa mini soccer ball. If you are looking to purchase this ball, click on the image above and get it for special price.

The smart ball, which was about to be played with in Germany wasn’t ready to the games and will be ready for the World Cup 2010 South Africa. The best thing in this high tech ball is the fact that it contains a special microchip, which was designed to help the referee to take the right decision in some points of the game, to determine whether the ball has crossed the goal line or not, have touched the player’s hand or not and so on.

In addition to the technology and similar to the last World Cup balls from Germany, this World Cup 2010 ball will carry each and every match label on it, each game will have its own set of balls. This is another market, later to the game itself, to sell these games to the fans as a proof of existing in the game ( in case its historical game, it will cost much more ).

If you are looking for the World Cup soccer ball made by Adidas, you can get it for $39.99 only.

Players which already played with the FIFA 2010 Soccer ball are talking about the FIFA 2010 ball control and the ability for additional FIFA 2010 ball tricks, which were hard to perform in the last versions of the Adidas mini soccer balls. There are several dozens of FIFA 2010 soccer balls around the world and the World Cup players are getting used to play with them. In the new FIFA 2010 game, there are also additional opportunities for players with the new soccer balls for the World Cup 2010, you can play the ball skills in FIFA 2010 on the PS2 or FIFA 2010 for other games consoles and see the different between the real soccer mini ball to the old ones.