World Cup Betting

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For sport fans and online betting fans, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is a great chance to take advantage and make some real bets. The upcoming soccer World Cup is an open door for all new World Cup sport betting users, who are looking to join any of the optional agencies to place their bets.

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The opportunities in any of the World Cup sport betting agencies are higher than normal days, since the great potential to raise large amount of new users, with the soccer passion. Since there are 32 national teams in the World Cup 2010 South Africa, each with its players, coaches and soccer association and the thousands of fans to travel to South Africa, the potential is huge. The big mass of people are just the ones who stay at home and about to watch the World Cup live from their home or nearby bar, these are all new users to join the World Cup sport betting agencies and they are waiting to start their bets.  Betting online is great, especially when you put your bets on an online roulette.

All National Teams With Their Odds to Win The Group, Over-Under Points

* France (EVEN/ 5.5)
* Mexico (+350/ 3.5)
* Uruguay (+400/ 3.5)
* South Africa (+600/ 3.5)
* Argentina (-200/6.5)
* Nigeria (+450/3.5)
* Greece (+600/3.5)
* South Korea (+1000/2.5)
* England (-275/6.5)
* USA (+400/4.5)
* Slovenia (+1000/3.5)
* Algeria (+2500/2.5)
* Germany (-138/5.5)
* Serbia (+350/3.5)
* Ghana (+500/3.5)
* Australia (+900/2.5)
* Netherlands (-162/6.5)
* Cameroon (+425/ 3.5)
* Denmark (+450/ 3.5)
* Japan (+1200/ 2.5)
* Italy (-200/ 6.5)
* Paraguay (+275/ 4.5)
* Slovakia (+650/ 3.5)
* New Zealand (+6600/ .5)
* Brazil (-175/6.5)
* Portugal (+210/4.5)
* Ivory Coast (+400/4.5)
* North Korea (+10000/.5)
* Spain (-350/6.5)
* Chile (+450/4.5)
* Switzerland (+1000/3.5)
* Honduras (+3300/1.5)
World Cup 2010 Betting Odds

11th June is here and the first game is the most important day for Mexico and the Bafana team of South Africa. The big day have come, but the FIFA2010Products visitors already know, that the World Cup betting activities are on the move already.

Here you will find the most updated news for all betting opportunities, offers and promotions, free bets and top odds for each one, to start his online betting with the FIFA 2010 games. There are 32 teams which are playing for the cup, each have their chance to win, hundreds of players which can take the final, and each can be the top player, the worst player and the first to get the red cards, playing the odds for them all in the most fun of all games.

We accept the World Cup betting agencies and personals from all arund the world, if you like to have your betting odds on the World Cup games and events, here is the place to start over, with the news with the odds and the top bets for all.

There are many services and software’s to find online, which provides the World Cup betting and many other kinds of betting’s, Poker and card games, Gin Rummy and Skill games, Lottery and online lotto wheels, Sport booking and online sport betting’s and many others. FIFA 2010 Products will try to list here all the optional World Cup sport betting and related games for the users to read about, look for details and start their betting’s.

Available the top players for the World Cup 2010 and the odds for them to become the top scorers in the South Africa World Cup in summer 2010. The best World Cup odds for the Soccer World Cup games are all published online for free.  Check if your best soccer player is inside and place the bet online.

Previews for all matches, world cup news, team profiles, fixtures and much more about the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa can be found at World Cup Betting

Players to become the top scorers:


  • Fernando Torres     9/1
  • David Villa     9/1
  • Cristiano Ronaldo     12/1
  • Wayne Rooney     12/1
  • Lionel Messi     20/1
  • Miroslav Klose     25/1
  • Gonzalo Higuain     25/1
  • Thierry Henry     25/1
  • Karim Benzema     25/1
  • Robin van Persie     28/1
  • Adriano     40/1
  • Diego Milito     40/1
  • Robinho     40/1
  • Michael Ballack     40/1
  • Samuel Eto’o     40/1
  • Steven Gerrard     40/1