World Cup Guide

World Cup Hand Book, Check The FIFA 2010 Hand Book

The long awaited World Cup hand book is out. This is the most helpful guide you can purchase for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Thousands of soccer fans are traveling to see the World Cup in South Africa, millions are staying at home to watch the World Cup live from home, this hand book is a must for both. Get this guide for a special price before mid June 2010.

This 276 pages World Cup hand book is a must for you, 

Why do you need to have this book? The answer is simple.  This is the most comprehensive guide which will  answer all your questions for the World Cup in South Africa. The book provides all the information you need for the games, if you are a soccer fan or just waiting for the biggest sport event of 2010. The World Cup hand bookcontains all information from the previous FIFA 2010 hand book and more.

In the World Cup hand book you can find

– South Africa, information about the host country and its unique places to visit. Culture notes, traveling info and city guides.

– All hosts cities and attractions to take in and around, all stadiums of these cities, how to get there and the capacities.-

– All around information about the 32 national teams in the World Cup, the qualification games, the players, coaches team, history of  the national team and stats.

– Predictions and betting information for the World Cup, information about the best games to watch, the top scorers and time zone.

– General information about flights, tickets, prices, where to take taxi and what should be the cost of a cold drink in the stadium.

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