World cup matches

The World Cup 2010 South Africa gathers high interest as long as the days are over. Millions of fans around the world are looking for June 11th, for the first game to be played for the World Cup 2010. The most interesting World cup matches are not between the national teams themselves but between the players.

It will be very interesting to see the players from Real Madrid and Barcelona, from Man United and Arsenal, playing against each other on the Groups stages games in the World Cup, these are the real World cup matches to follow. Lionel Messi, playing for FC Barcelona, will meet on his games with Xavi, his friend from Spain. Xavi is midfielder age 30 with high experience in the Spanish national team, appearances and 8 goals. He played in the World Cup 2002 and 2006. Messi is younger, but much bigger star, scored 13 times for his national team already. also played in the World Cup in Germany 2006 and scored once.

The two Real Madrid super stars Kaka from Brazil and Ronaldo from Portugal are playing the games in Group G. There is no dough about the values of Ronaldo, when is Age 25is the most expensive player in the World. Scored already 22 goals for his national team and selling more World Cup 2010 jerseys than the rest of the Portuguese national team. Kaka is a bit older and as important player for Brazil like Ronaldo is for Portugal. These two icons are playing in June 25th, book the day for this real World cup matches.

Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres are good friends, playing on FC Liverpool and going to meet in the FIFA 2010 games. Torres, Spanish player played already 71 games for his national team and scored 23 times. This Forward player is the head of Liverpool and gets most of his assists from Gerrard. Steven is the heart of Liverpool, played 77 times for the English national team and scored 16 times. Looking at these players playing against each other after so long of playing together is exciting.
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