Africa World Cup 2010

The Soccer World Cup 2010 occurs every four years, and 2010 is the 19th official occurrence of this massive event. In that year the World Cup is also is enjoying a “first” for the series because the final tournament is to be held in South Africa. This is the very first time in FIFA history that any African nation has hosted the prestigious event.

Because Italy won the last World Cup Tournament they are the defending champions. Remarkably, the competition is so popular that an expected one billion-plus fans from around the world will tune into the month of competition. The one hundred and sixty national teams will compete in an array of qualifying rounds before they are narrowed down to the final thirty-two headed to the World Cup, although South Africa’s team is automatically included due to the fact that it is the host country. Each of the World Cup teams carry special nick name for the South Africa Soccer World Cup.

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has been active since the 1930s, but the popularity of soccer or football has increased dramatically since that time, and now the FIFA governing body can really be viewed in terms of a global organization.

Because this is the first time that an African nation has hosted the event, the South Africa world cup 2010 team has made special efforts on the design of their team’s jerseys. The Bafana 2010 FIFA World Cup jersey was a collaborative project that required over two years of work between the German and South African teams and it depicts the South African national flag and some unique artwork.

The nation’s government has already put many major security initiatives into effect, and the country’s Justice and Constitutional Development Minister, Jeff Radebe has publicly declared all international visitors and the many soccer teams to be completely assured of their safety.

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