Bafana will unite South Africa

There are two main things which are going to make the World Cup into the sport event to help Bafana to unite South Africa. The people of the southern country can’t wait any longer for the games to start, this is their time.


Bafana will unite South Africa because of the history and because of the low chances. History shows great potential for the World Cup to affect the country in 2006. Germany after the World Cup 2006 is not the same like Germany after the games in terms of public unity. South Africa, in spite of all the poor people and the internal problems, will be different too.

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Second thing is the low chances for the South Africa, the Bafana Bafana national team for the World Cup 2010 Games. No one gives them real chance to make it to the second round, with Group A teams like Mexico, Uruguay and France. Will are looking to see the Bafana te am rocks, for their best and for the best of South Africa.

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