Beckham in the World Cup 2010

David Beckham will be in the World Cup 2010 soccer games, but unfortunately, not as a player. As we all soccer fans remember the day we saw Beckham leaving the game in pain, we all knew he will not play the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. The look at his face was the sad story of these days and the bad news for the English team.

But Beckham for the England soccer players and the fans is more than just a player. David Beckham is the symbol, the engine, the one – both the fans and the team needs him in South Africa. So his place is there, near the head coach Kapelo, linking the players with the coach demands. To see Backham in the World Cup 2010 will be a great experience for all soccer fans.

David Beckham is a loved player, we all love him and we will be happy to see him in South Africa.

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