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A perennial team in the World Cup, the Brazil national team is also always heavily favored to win.  Perhaps this is because they have won the championship five times thus far, more often than any other team in the world.  Brazil is a powerful, skilled team that stands an excellent chance of continuing their record in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Get your Brazil 2010 world cup products here!

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Getting to the 2010 World Cup was a mixed bag for the Brazilian team.  With 9 wins, two losses and seven draws, fans were beginning to lose patience with their team.  While this might have been an excellent season for any other team, fans expect much more of the Brazil national team.  The defeat of Argentina (Brazil’s archrival) with a score of 3-1 was the clincher that sent the team on to South Africa for the World Cup.

Of course, the team is heavily favored, though several other teams stand a chance of ousting this repeat winner. Players on the Brazil national team that stand out include Julio Cesar, the goalkeeper known for his incredible defense.  Much of Brazil’s success is because of his reflexes, skill and dedication.  Other players on the team include Kaka, the winner of the Adidas Golden Ball and Luis Fabiano, who was responsible for the win over the US team during the 2009 competition in South Africa.

The coach of the Brazil national team is Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri (Dunga), a player who made a name for himself on the Brazilian team and now leads them through each successive victory.  Dunga took the team to a victory in 2007 at Copa America, as well as the Confederations Cup in 2009 (South Africa), and is responsible for the powerful position in which the team finds itself today.  Fans have alternated between love and hate for this man, but his skill and superior strategies have led to considerable respect and finally silenced any critics.

The Brazilian team offers a very strong position and has an excellent chance of making it through the gauntlet to lift the FIFA 2010 live World Cup trophy for themselves.  Of course, there are several other teams that can match Brazil in terms of power, style and skill, so it may be a tough battle to get to the top position in the championships.  However, if the coach has anything to say about it, anything less than first place will be unacceptable.

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Brazil national team

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