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The England national team has been more of a disappointment than a source of pride for the English.  With losses in several major tournaments, the team has simply not been able to live up to the reputation of the world-renowned players on the team.  However, South Africa might just be the place when the team turns their reputation around and begins to make up for some lost ground.  It remains to be seen if they can ditch the malaise that has dogged their steps for so long, but signs look good for the English team. Get your England world cup 2010 Products here!

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Cementing their spot for the FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa has been a relatively easy task for the team this year, despite losing out in 2008 at UEFA EURO.  With nine wins and 34 goals total, the team has certainly been a major contender during the regular season this year.  The only defeat in the Group 6 games came at the hands of the Ukrainian team, though that loss did not affect their slot for the World Cup.

The England national team has several players to watch during the 2010 World Cup performance.  Wayne Rooney is one of the better known players that will take the field during the championship.  Of course, Frank Lampard is also on hand, as is Peter Crouch, the front man, Steven Gerard, who shares midfield duties with Lampard and Jermain Defoe as the striker.  With such a lineup, it should provide an excellent performance for fans and a daunting gauntlet for any teams that must face England on the field.

The coach for the England national team is the well-known Capello, who has won a number of international series.  While his time with the team has been relatively short, Capello has had an enormous influence on the team’s spirit and playing style.  The fact that they finished out with just a single loss and got into the World Cup with a full two games to spare tell a lot about the coach’s ability, as well as his influence with the players.

England is a serious contender for the World Cup in 2010, though they might lack some of the flash found with Spain and Portugal.  That said, the team certainly has what it takes to become world champions and the leadership of Capello will put them in good stead, so long as they remember their renewed commitment to playing.

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England national team

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