FIFA World Cup 2010

Are you ready? Do you have your national team’s jersey? Have you booked your flight to the World Cup already?

The World Cup is less than two months away and the industry around it is on its top level t the moment. Messi is top scorer, The German Bundes Liga is providing the be st games, Players from Africa are on their best and they are all waiting for the biggest event in the sports world,. the World Cup 2010 Games in South Africa.

This FIFA World Cup 2010 is not just a bunch of games, its the top tournament in the world of soccer, where the best players are coming together in order to show their best games to the world. Each player is playing for their national team,. for the flag and or the fans, each player is trying to to the best in order to hold the golden cup on July 11th.

Like any other global event, and any other major global event, in the World Cup 2010 in South Africa – money talks. The industry around the World Cup is great and getting bigger every day. The World Cup 2010 Jerseys are sold in millions world wide, the bags, scarves and gear are sold world wide. Also the official Vuvuzela, the South African horn is waiting for the games to start, the fans are waiting to horn this Vuvuzela specially after the talks to ban it.

In addition, tickets to South Africa, accommodation, bus tickets, food and drinks, are all money makers for the great event in South Africa. Now all is needed to wait to mid June, for the first game to be played, and the rest is history. FIFA world cup 2010, here we come.

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