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Germany is no stranger to the World Cup 2010 and has actually won the trophy three times in its history.  In addition, they always seem to manage to be close to the head of the line, even when they don’t win the vaunted Cup.  This year, the Germany national team has perhaps the best chance of repeating history and claiming the Cup for themselves once more.  Marked by efficiency, patience and well-honed players, Germany is a powerful force in the world of soccer and stands to be one of the hallmark teams to beat this year. Get Germany world cup 2010 products here!

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The way to South Africa for the Germany national team was a mixed bag this year.  Facing off against Finland, the team was certainly not “on their game” and only their patience and efficiency saved them from a loss.  However, playing against Russia later in the year, the team positively glowed with skill and power, cementing their bid for a World Cup slot.  In fact, Germany handed Russia their only ever defeat on their home soil during a qualification for the World Cup, putting a damper on proponents of the Russian team. This Germany world cup 2010 will perform better than the one in Germany 2006.

Players to watch for during the 2010 World Cup for the Germany national team include quite a few well-known names.  One of them is Ballack, the midfielder who is also the team leader.  Ballack has 95 senior caps under his belt and is one of the best players in the game, though there are rumors that this might be his last chance for a World Cup win.

Klose is another powerful player to watch during the games, as he is responsible for the win against Russia, as well as some amazing playing throughout the rest of the year.  Ranking third in German scoring for all time, Klose will face off in his first World Cup to great expectations from fans and teammates alike.  Other names to watch for include Lahm, Podolski and Schweinsteiger.

The coach for the Germany national team this year is Joachim Low, former assistant to Jurgen Klinsmann.  The coach has held his position with the team since 1996 and has led the team to numerous wins throughout those years.  For the 2010 World Cup, the coach seems to be relying on his standard pattern of focusing on the attack, though he is more than capable of throwing a few surprises out there for opposing teams to deal with.

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Germany national team

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