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The road to the FIFA World Cup is traditionally littered with pitfalls and roadblocks.  However, the Japan national team seems to have had a relatively easy time of it this time around.  Of course, this is their fourth consecutive year going to the World Cup, though they have only ever made it to the knockout stages of the Cup once, in 2002. Get Your Japan World Cup 2010 Products Here!

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This year, the Japan national team had no difficulty qualifying to make the trip to South Africa (where the FIFA 2010 World Cup will be held).  Of course, that seemed to change a bit when they advanced to the matches in Group 1 – a 0-0 game against Australia at home, and a 2-1 reverse against Australia on the opposing team’s home turf put the Cup bid in question, though Japan was certainly able to make it into the finals.

Players to look for on the Japan national team this year include Nakamura, who changed allegiances from Glasgow this year, along with Espanyol.  Keisuke Honda is another of this year’s favorites, while Yuji Nakazawa remains the captain of the Japanese team, as well as a formidable player in his own right (the third most capped player of all time, actually).

The Japan national team is headed up by Takeshi Okada, the same coach who led the team in 1998, during the team’s very first FIFA World Cup appearance. According to Okada, the tactics of the Japanese soccer team will remain largely the same for the World Cup as they employed during the regular season, as they were “done with a view to winning against the world’s biggest teams.”

This year’s trip to the World Cup comes with one of the strongest teams Japan has ever fielded.  Of course, thanks to their prowess on the field, the Japan national team has won three out of five championships of the AFC Asian Cup, which leads some to speculate that they might do better than just the semi-finals for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  However, Coach Okada has stated that the team’s goal is to certainly make it into the semi-finals, when all bets will be off.

The team offers strong players, some incredible tactics by one of the best coaches Japan has ever had and a winning spirit, to be certain.  However, fans will have to wait a while to find out just what place their favorite team will take in the 2010 World Cup.

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