National team 2010 schedule

Each of the national team 2010 schedule for the groups stage is short, maybe too short to show some good soccer games. The payers are coming from their leagues and facing the great soccer tournament in the world. Each have 5-8 days of games to win the other teams in their group in order to make is to the next level.

Among the 32 national teams in the Groups stage, there are some matches to look for since the teams which are paying and the players on these teams. These matches are already schedule and its good thing to have the full list in order to take the free days from work, to buy your favorite World Cup 2010 jerseys and to watch the world cup online from home (in case you are not traveling to South Africa).

Argentina national team with the super star Lionel messi are playing with Nigeria, the eagles from Africa. This African team will do the best to show the Maradonna that they are as good as his team and can play the highest levels of the World Cup 2010. The game is taking place on June 12th and booked in the National team 2010 schedule already.

Italy, the winning national team from Germany 2006 is playing with Paraguay on June 14th. This game is interesting since the national team from Paraguay is one of the surprising teams to be in the World Cup 2010 and Italy are the champions and looking to keep the title for the next four years. The Germany world cup 2010 team is one of the most interesting teams by the way.

Portugal and Brazil are playing in Group G on June 25th. Brazil carries the great players like Kaka and Portugal is coming with their most interesting player, Ronaldo. These two super stars are playing together in Real Madrid and are on the top list of World Cup 2010 jerseys sellers. How the game between them will look, interesting. remember the National team 2010 schedule for the World Cup in South Africa.

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