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With the Netherlands making it to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, fans around the world are scrambling to find ways to show their team spirit and support for the Holland team.  The Orange has earned their place in the World Cup through some incredible playing, battling past teams that would have barred their way and earning respect and loyalty from their fans in the process.  If you find yourself supporting Holland, one of the best ways to show that support is with Netherlands scarves.  What should such a scarf look like? Get Your World Cup 2010 Netherlands (Holland) Scarf Here!

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While you will find plain orange and white scarfs on the market, the best option is the official Holland scarf.  The design of this scarf features black ends surmounted with the word Holland picked out in orange on a black field.  The field is bordered by white bars.  Above this, you will find the colors of the Netherlands flag, beneath a rampant lion.  In the center of the scarf, you will find a black box, bordered with black and white bars.  Within the box are the words Hup Holland, emblazoned in orange.

Finding the right scarf on the market is important.  While you can certainly show your team spirit with any number of different scarves, you need to ensure that you purchase a high quality scarf that will stand the test of time.  Some Netherlands scarfs are made from pure cotton.  While this might be your first choice, you should understand that cotton can shrink when washed.  It also does not offer the same durability of other materials.  Perhaps the best choice is a scarf made from 100% acrylic.  This ensures that the scarf is durable, does not shrink and holds its colors perfectly.  While cotton will fade over time, acrylic is relatively fade resistant.

You will also want to ensure that you purchase Netherlands scarfs well in advance of the World Cup 2010.  While you might think that there is plenty of time to make that purchase, the fact is that these accessories, along with jerseys and shirts are already selling out on the market.  If you do not purchase yours soon, you could find out that you cannot purchase one, due to the incredible demand.  Finding the right retailer is also important.  As a note, online sellers are better options than physical stores, as they usually have a larger inventory and lower pricing on Netherlands scarfs.

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