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The Nigerian national team had some strong pluses going into the qualifying rounds for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  However, a rough and ragged string of draws and losses led directly to some diminished expectations.  That said, the team did make it into the 2010 World Cup and have little to lose by playing as hard as possible. Get Your World Cup 2010 Nigeria Products Here!

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Therefore, there are those who expect some surprises from the African team, much like the provided in 1994 in the US and in 1998 against Spain and Bulgaria. All the games are available top watch World Cup online from your PC.

The road to South Africa for the Nigerian national team has been a long one, starting off quite well and ending a bit less so.  It was the qualifying rounds where Nigeria really ran into trouble.  They seemed to have considerable difficulty with Mozambique, resulting in a scoreless draw.  Another draw with Carthage seemed to set the stage for failure, but Nigeria rallied with two wins in Kenya and, as Tunisia lost to Mozambique, Nigeria found themselves on the road to the World Cup.

The Nigeria national team has several players to watch for on the field, though Obafemi Martins is perhaps the best known.  He is responsible for the wins against Kenya, with some masterful goals.  Of course, there are several other players on the roster worthy of attention, including Nwankwo Kanu, Ikechukwu Uche and Victor Obinna.  Jon Obi Mikel is also on the roster and team captain Joseph Yobo provides some stunningly stiff defense.

The coach of the Nigeria national team is Shaibu Amodu.  The coach was also responsible for the Nigerian team making it into the 2002 World Cup, as well as for several successful runs at other prizes.  However, the coach needs this win to vindicate his stance and silence his opponents, particularly those responsible for removing him after losing in the semifinals of the CAF African Cup.

Nigeria has a strong team, though their recent record seems to place them lower down the standings than they would otherwise be, based solely off regular season play.  However, the team has nothing to lose and is expected to give every match their all, so some rather surprising events could be in store during the World Cup in South Africa.  As their group also includes Korea, Greece and Argentina, there will certainly be some matches that cannot be missed, as well as some exciting plays that might just make the difference for this African team.

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Nigeria national team

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