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2010 marks the fourth consecutive appearance of the Paraguay national team in this international venue.  In addition, they have just finished up their best qualification campaign ever, leading some to speculate that the team will be the ones to beat for the championship in 2010.  Of course, Paraguay certainly believes that their chances are excellent, but they are entitled to those dreams, considering the excellent season they have had. Get Your World Cup 2010 Paraguay Products!

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Making the trip to South Africa was not terribly difficult for the Paraguay national team.  With ten wins, five losses and three draws, they certainly had an excellent season, one of the best they’ve ever had and certainly the best since the new qualifying system was put into place (they broke the 30-point mark for the first time under this system this year).  In addition, the team boasts some of the most talented, skillful players in the world this time around, so look for Paraguay to be a serious contender for the title.

Quite a few internationally known players can be found on Paraguay’s roster for 2010.  Fans will be happy to know that Roque Santa Cruz remains on the roster for the World Cup 2010.  In addition, Salvador Cabanas remains on the team, as does Nelson Haedo Valdez, both of whom are excellent scorers.  In addition to the other players on the team, this trio forms a powerful core that seeks to right the ignominious defeat in Germany, during 2006.

At the head of the Paraguay national team stands Gerardo Martino, one of the best coaches in South America.  Martino has made a name for himself by leading numerous smaller franchises in South America before taking the helm with the national team and was mentored by Marcel Bielsa.  It is largely due to his leadership and skill in tactics that the team has advanced as far as they have and have such a good shot at the championship in 2010.

The Paraguay national team stands an excellent chance of coming away with the coveted World Cup, but they certainly have their work cut out for them.  Also in Group F are Italy, New Zealand and Slovakia, all three strong teams with dreams of international championships.  Of course, if Paraguay is able to maintain their forward momentum and continue their success from the regular season, they might just be able to take home that trophy and lay claim to the title of international champions.

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Paraguay national team

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