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The Portugal national team is perhaps best known for their incredible playing skills.  However, those skills have not led to a prize in some time.  Even during 2004 and 2006 (UEFA EURO and Germany, respectively), they were only finalists, without quite making the run for the championship.  In addition, Portugal has never made it past the semi-finals of a World Cup 2010 championship, so if they should manage a win in 2010, it should be cause for incredible celebration in the Portuguese camp. Get World cup 2010 Portugal Products Here!

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It was a difficult path to reach the 2010 FIFA World Cup for the Portugal national team.  They began the season as the favorites, but thanks to consecutive losses, they soon stood in danger of elimination.  However, the team responded to this tragic situation with skill and dazzling style, rising to the challenge and earning an early spot for the playoffs for South Africa.  Of course, many fans are waiting with baited breath to see if their team can manage to hold the transformation that marked their playing style during the second half of the season and led to their admittance to the championships.

Perhaps one of the most famed players of today’s soccer world, Cristiano Ronaldo will lead his team during the 2010 World Cup championships in South Africa.  Despite a lackluster performance during the qualification rounds, Ronaldo’s skill has become legend and fans are expecting big things from the team leader.  Other players of note on the Portugal national team should not be ignore.  Pepe is one of the most skilled players in the game and Bruno provides some serious skill, as well.  Ricardo Carvalho and Jose Bosingwa, as well as midfielders Deco and Simao round out an excellent team that stands a very good chance of winning the Cup.

The Portugal national team is led by Carlos Queiroz is an amazing coach and has been the power behind some of the world’s top games.  Of course, it remains to be seen just how well he will lead the team during the 2010 contest, considering the sad outcome of 1992 and 1994.

The Portugal national team is one of the most powerful teams to take the field in South Africa and stands a very good chance of winning the tournament.  However, with rivals such as Spain and England, Portugal may have a difficult time cementing their championship status and clinching their first ever World Cup win.

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Portugal national team

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