Qualifying World Cup

National Soccer teams from all over the world are playing the qualifying world cup games in several groups to determine the qualifying teams to travel to South African next summer. The idea to play the qualifying world cup 2010 games two years in advance is because the Euro and Copa American games re every two years between the World Cup games.

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Even these days, before the next round of qualifying world cup 2010 games in mid September, there are some national soccer teams which already made it to the level, where they are already in the popular tournament groups. Most for the national teams are still playing the qualifying world cup worldwide and fighting for the golden ticket to South Africa.

In the Asian groups, after the 4th round, there are three teams to ensure their qualifying to the world cup in South Africa. These teams are the Australian team, Japan Korean Republic and South Korea. All these teams are going to play the World cup as they already gather enough points on the qualifying games. In Europe, out of the 9 groups of games, there is only one team to ensure the qualifying to the world cup; it’s the national team of Netherlands.

The national team is actually saying something with 7 wins out of 7games and this is the right time to purchase the Netherlands national jersey. The most interesting group is of course the South American group with the national teams of Brazil and Argentina, no team from this group has ensured the qualifying to the World Cup games yet. In the African and American groups, no team already ensured their qualifying to the world cup 2010, except South Africa which going to be there as the hosting national team in the FIFA 2010 games.

As the qualifying world cup 2010 games are about to reach the final steps, the interest around each and every game gets higher and the tense on the players gets stronger. Follow up the games and sign to watch FIFA 2010 live.

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