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The South African national team is prepared to live up to its nation’s sense of pride and accomplishment.  While the country was banned from participation in FIFA events for a very long time, they were readmitted in 1992.  In 1996, a mere four years after being allowed to return, the team won the CFA Africa Cup by besting Tunisia.  Today, the team is set to retake their place on the global stage and intend to make the semi-finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup their target.  The team is guardedly optimistic about their chances, but their fans are quite vocal in their support of the team. Get World Cup 2010 South Africa Products Here!

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As this year’s World Cup will be held on the team’s home turf, they certainly have added incentive to give it their best shot.  This is important, as the team plays best when they have focus, a determined goal and a reason to play their best.  Of course, the road to the 2010 World Cup for South Africa was not as difficult as it was for other teams.  As the host nation, the team gained automatic admittance to the championships, though they certainly have the skill to make the venue on their own merits.

Players to watch for with the South Africa national team number quite a few.  One of the most vaunted is Steven Pienaar, the midfielder who has captured the nation’s love.  His talent, dedication and drive for the success of his home team know no bounds.  In addition, he is also known for imagination and innovation on the field, leading to unexpected plays that keep opponents on their toes.  Another player to watch for is Siboniso Gaxa, as is his teammate and fellow wingback Tsepho Masilela, both of whom are deemed as vital as the aforementioned Pienaar to the success of the team in the World Cup.

Coaching the South Africa national team in this World Cup 2010 will be Carlos Alberto Parreira, from Brazil.  His return to South Africa was a bit mixed in terms of emotion, though he is certainly capable of leading his team to the championships, as he did the Brazilian team back in 1994.  While his stint as coach has been marked by some difficulties, he is optimistic that the run through the World Cup will be auspicious, with the semi-finals being his ultimate goal.  In all, South Africa can certainly be a forced to be reckoned with on the field.

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South Africa national team

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