South Africa soccer World Cup

On June and July, 32 national teams from around the world are coming to play on the South African land, for the first South Africa soccer World Cup ever. Today it sounds like another event to take notes about, but few years ago it wasn’t.

South Africa Soccer World Cup

In May 2004, Nelson Mandela stood on the stage in Zurich and announced that the South Africa soccer World Cup is not longer a dream, but reality. Millions of Bafana Bafana fans and soccer fans around the world went crazy and waiting since to the game to begin.

Many things already happened since, some of them talked about the impossible World Cup and the fear that South Africa soccer World Cup will never take place since the country cannot make it happen. These days, three months before the World Cup is about to take place, it looks like its going to happen big time. World Class stadiums are ready, the accommodations are ready for the players and the fans, the World Cup 2010 jerseys are sold in millions, the national is clean and waiting for the World Cup to start.

South Africa soccer World Cup is an economic shot to the people vain sans also a moral shot for them, no longer poor nowhere country, but new age, 21th century country to host such a bog event like the Soccer World Cup 2010.

The last thing to do in the lovely country, is to support the local national team, Bafana bafana players, “the boy”. There are about to play Group A with Mexico, Uruguay and France.  These three national teams are as strong as the South African team, while France is the favorites for the 1st place. The second place in Group A must be taken by the local national team, so they rush in the country will last for the next round.

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