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The South Korea national team has actually been the most frequent Asian team to make it to the World Cup.  In addition, they are also the best performers in this international venue from any Asian nation.  The Korean Republic team has high hopes for the World Cup 2010 South Africa, and hopes to translate their success during the regular season into a successful bid for at least a spot in the semifinals of the championships. Get World Cup 2010 South Korea Products!

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Making it into the World Cup is a regular achievement for the South Korea national team, as this is their seventh consecutive appearance.  However, this year was perhaps the hardest battle for supremacy of the other Asian nations, with two draws against the North Koreans.  That said, wins over the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia helped to clinch their bid for this year’s World Cup.  The draw with Iran also helped to offset losses earlier in the season.

The team has several star players that are sure to make a considerable impact on the field during the World Cup this year.  Park Chu-Young is one of the most hyped players the South Korea national team has on its roster, through Park Ju-Sung, the team captain, is just as famous for his prowess on the field.  With a combination of excellent teamwork and the ability to create openings in an opposing team’s defenses, the South Koreans have a good chance of advanced far into the semifinals and perhaps even making the last round of four games this year.

Leading the South Korean national team is Huh Jung-Moo, a former midfielder himself. He silenced any possible critics with some decisive wins for his team, as well as by reaching the finals with a full two games to go.  Of course, the coach is also known for his experience with the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament in Sydney during 2000.

For the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, South Korea is a strong force to be reckoned with.  Thanks to their unique combination of imagination and stout tactics, the team stands a good chance of making waves in the international world.  Of course, their seventh consecutive trip to the World Cup needs to translate to a definable victory for the Asian nation, but it looks like this lineup provides the best chance of that.  South Korea is certainly a team to watch during the upcoming championships.

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South Korea national team

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