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The Spain national team has garnered international attention and considerable praise for their run for the World Cup.  Their performance has been exemplary and they managed to win ten out of ten games, scoring a total of 28 goals to come in second in Europe for number of goals scored during regular play.  The team has power, prestige and immense passion – three of the qualities needed to make a win in the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup championships.  Of course, it remains to be seen if the Spanish can maintain their playing quality, but things certainly look good. Get the World cup 2010 Spain Products here!

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Managing to reach South Africa did not seem particularly difficult for the Spanish, considering their 10 wins over opponents.  However, while the team does manage to make winning look deceptively simple, the fact that the team was undefeated is a testament to the power, training and skills of its players, as well as a steady hand at the helm.  The entrance to the World Cup playoffs was a bit rocky for the Spain national team, though the team did manage to win their matches with aplomb and some with consummate ease, despite being a target due to their champion status.

Players on the current Spain national team that are set to shine in 2010 include Iker Casillas, the team captain.  With incredible reflexes and tremendous skill, this keeper is one of the reasons that the Spanish team has managed to do so well.  Another player of considerable note is Xavi Hernandez, who plays midfield and is known for incredible accuracy in his passing plays.  David Villa and Fernando Torres head up the attack for the Spanish team, providing some of the best plays the nation has ever seen.

Coach Vicente del Boque has been at the helm since 2008, when Luis Aragones left the team for retirement.  The coach has a considerable history of wins, just as his team does, with Real Madrid championships, as well as a Spanish Super Cup and assorted other accolades.  This is certainly a testament to his prowess, though he has maintained the playing philosophy of his predecessor.

In all, the Spain national team is one of the top teams to beat in the 2010 World Cup.  They have, perhaps, one of the best chances of hoisting that trophy at the end of the contest, but it will have to be seen if they can continue their incredible streak of wins.

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Spain national team

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