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Finding USA scarfs is the single best way to support the US national team in their bid for world soccer supremacy.

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While the US team only had a few battles of note on their road to the FIFA World Cup 2010, getting in was never a sure thing.  Now that your team is going up against the very best that the world has to offer, you need to show your team spirit.  Of course, having a US soccer scarf will also help ensure that you are able to stay as comfortable as possible as your team heads down to South Africa.

What do USA scarves look like?  For the 2010 World Cup, the official scarf is a confection of red, white and blue, as you might expect from the US.  Red tassels are located at the ends of each scarf, while directly above them is located the US shield, depicted with a blue section at the top with the letters USA scarf in white.  Below that are red and white bars.  In the center of the scarf are the words United States, while the right hand side of the scarf features South Africa 2010 above the tassels.

USA soccer scarves are a bit different from some other national team’s offerings in that they feature a different design on the front and rear of the scarf.  On the back of the scarf, you will find the same shield and lettering at the ends, but the middle holds the legend “Fifty States, One Team.”  These scarves are also available in a range of different materials.  Which material is right for you?

100% cotton construction is the traditional choice.  Cotton is soft, durable and affordable.  However, it also shrinks and fades more quickly than do some other materials available.  Therefore, you might consider purchasing a scarf made from 100% acrylic, or even a cotton/acrylic blend.  This offers less shrink (or none), as well as better colorfastness over time.

You will also need to ensure that you purchase a quality USA soccer scarves.  As a note, any scarf with the design applied with iron-on appliqués should be avoided.  These are of inferior quality and will not hold up to use in the real world.  A better option is one that was created with silk-screening, as this will ensure a long lasting accessory that will look great for years to come.  With the right scarf, not only can you show your spirit now, but down the road, as well.

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