World Cup 2010 Accommodation

For the upcoming World Cup 2010 games in South African, More than half million of fans are about to travel all the way to South Africa. Together with the teams and the stuff, the journalists and TV personals, FIFA stuff and others, the number of people which are about to visit South Africa in summer 2010 can reach the one million, all of them, are looking for World Cup 2010 Accommodation.

There are several categories for the World Cup 2010 Accommodation and you can also find free World Cup 2010 Accommodation in between. The top level of accommodation for the World Cup is the luxury villas of course, which are about to host the players, the agents and the celebrities which are coming to watch quality soccer games. These luxury villas for South Africa 2010 are the top hotels and the top resorts in the country.

The medium style accommodations in South Africa are the ones to cost 100-150 USD per night. These are the medium level hotels and the home rent options, mainly for the fans. Since the fans plan to travel South Africa after their national team games, the hotel networks are making special deals for them to sleep in different places, for the same price, as a group. Second option which is very special, is to sleep with local people which are about to rent their houses, apartments and rooms for the World Cup fans. This way you also get to know the local people of South Africa with the World Cup 2010 Accommodation opportunities.

Last option I the free World Cup 2010 Accommodation opportunities for the fans, most of these opportunities are open 24 hours a day. Sleeping in tent, in the airport, in the railway stations and other public places. There are also large green yard that the South Africa government made for the fans to rest before and after the games, this is a good place to catch a nap as well.

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