World Cup 2010 Africa

The 2010 World Cup is to take place in South Africa and while not everything is ready for hosting the games and hosting football fans (soccer) from all around the world, the excitement is building and it looks to be one of the biggest shows of all times.

For now the following teams are already qualified to play the 2010 world cup: South Africa, Japan, Australia, Korea Republic, Netherlands, Brazil, Ghana, England, Spain Paraguay and Korea DPR.
The rest of the qualifying teams will be announced as the qualifying games take place during the following months.

While the stadiums are not yet ready and the local police is taking measures and recruiting more police officers to better deal with the crime rate before the games begin, things are looking good before the world cup 2010 Africa games.

Most of the tickets are already sold even though the game schedule is still unknown. It’s a soccer celebration and it’s going to be the greatest soccer show we’ve seen for a long time.
Fans can enjoy the games on television and online, it is possible to watch the world cup live using a small application which enables the viewer to watch the games in great quality.
Other than that the merchandise for the world cup 2010 Africa is already being sold, the official blowing tool, the Vuvuzela and the Kuduzela are going to be a hit within the stadiums even though the players and the officials do not like it as it is noisy. Other merchandise such as the official team jerseys is also selling and there is a huge demand for scarf and flags.

The FIFA 2010 game is also released for PC, Playstations, WII and Xbox and it’s going to be a sure hit like the previous versions of this game.

There’s no doubt that the World Cup 2010 Africa games are going to be the best ever, and while it is still unknown of who will win the world cup, the bets are already running in the sports books.

So who will it be? Brazil, England? Maybe Italy? You decide. Regardless of who takes this world cup, it’s a great time to visit South Africa. There’s a lot to see other than the soccer games and it’s going to be a true celebration of people coming together from all around the world to enjoy a united soccer experience. Go World Cup!

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