World Cup 2010 Europe

For the first time, the soccer World Cup tournament is about to take place in the Southern country of Africa, and for the first time in the African continent. Still, the eyes are toward other places in the world, for other national teams, when the fans from around the world are feeling this is World Cup 2010 Europe games.

World Cup 2010 Europe

The meaning is not that only European national teams are about to play the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, but that the teams are the most interesting ones. There is great soccer in Asia and in South America, the African teams are also great, but the big money, the best players and the top odds for all World Cup betting agencies are facing World Cup 2010 Europe matches in the matches.

If we will take the most interesting players in the World Cup 2010 Games, the top players which fans are placing the highest World Cup betting odds for them, we will see the difference. These players are Rooney from England, Messi from Argentina, Ronaldo from Portugal, David Beckham from England, Ballack from Germanu, Henry from France and some more. 90% of these players are from national teams from Europe and all of them are playing the European leagues. There is no doubt that the World Cup 2010 European players are the ones with the highest impact on the games in South Africa 2010.

In addition, the national teams from Europe are getting fans from all around the world, unlike the other national teams. Only in Japan, as a minor example, there is similar number of England soccer team fans, as the Japanese national team. It’s crazy to think that millions in Japan are looking to watch the World Cup games online only to see Beckham and the English players and not the Japanese ones.

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