World Cup 2010 logo

Like every major event and especially sport event, there are millions of eyes from all over the world looking at it. This event in summer 2010, the World Cup 2010 in South African is the major soccer event in the world and as such, it must have a logo. When you look at the World Cup 2010 logo, you immediately feel the power of the games, the excitement and the motion around the World Cup; this is what it is trying to say when you look at the World Cup 2010 logo.

World Cup 2010 logo

World Cup 2010 logo

When we first saw the World Cup 2010 logo, we understood at the same moment, that the World Cup event in South Africa is going to be the best World Cup event; maybe this is the main thing the designers tried to say. Like every other logo, it must have a say to the audience, this one have its say for sure.

Trying to take the World Cup 2010 logo apart, you immediately see the parameters in it, which is making it to what it is. First thing are the colors, FIFA original colors of the FIFA logo and colors from the South African flag. Secondly, the design of the soccer player in the World Cup 2010 logo gives the viewer the feeling that he is in a move. You actually feel that he is kicking the ball at the moment. The third thing is the font of the words “South Africa 2010”, this is maybe not a South African font, but it says South Africa. The fourth thing and maybe the most important thing when you design logos and symbols, is the combination of all the parameters. The colors of the World Cup 2010 logo, the font and the drawing of the soccer player – all together are coming into this World Cup 2010 logo and makes it a perfect logo for the World Cup games.

This FIFA 2010 logo is the official logo for the World Cup games in South African 2010, you can already see this logo on the official Soccer mini balls, T shirts games tickets, another merchandizes. Even the airways tickets to South Africa will carry this World Cup logo to welcome the thousands of soccer fans which are about to visit South Africa to watch the games.

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