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It is expected that more than one billion fans will watch the FIFA World Cup 2010 being held in South Africa from June 11 to July 11 of 2010. The official handover ceremony between Germany (the 2006 host) and South Africa took place in Berlin’s Tempodrom Arena, with South African President Thabo Mbeki and FIFA President Sepp Blatter in attendance.

Long before this occurred, however, the decision to accept South Africa’s bid as a host nation had been making headlines. This is because it is the first time that any African nation has been home to the tournament in its 70-plus years of history. Those involved with its planning already know that it will attract more income and attention than any World Cup 2010 news records.

Even the South African government has become involved and has pledged 8.4bn Rand to improve transportation and infrastructure, beef up security and safety for the enormous flood of tourists that will arrive early in the year, and to add more stadiums and make necessary improvements to existing ones.
There are ten specific venues lined up for the various games and matches, and all can seat at least 40,000 fans, while some can handle almost one hundred thousand viewers. The most updated news are to follow the national team 2010 schedule and to watch the games online

All of the tournaments sponsors have been lined up as well, and each of the five primary sponsors has already dedicated more than $125m each for the honor. Mr. Blatter emphasizes that the profit potential for the event is standing at roughly 25% higher totals than that enjoyed in 2006 in Germany.

Like all other locations where the FIFA soccer World Cup is held, however, it is the smaller businesses that worry about being shut out of the potentially enormous profits due to the many licensing fees for marketing and television issues. For instance, a beverage vendor may be entirely unable to take advantage of the presence of the many fans if they did not have the appropriate FIFA licensing.

It is clear that there is an enormous potential for vast profits due to the fact that roughly 3.2 million tickets will be sold for the event, most to watch the World Cup matches between the top players. These will be released by FIFA, through their website, in a series of “phases”. Clearly, this event is bound to be financially advantageous to the region, and all efforts are being made to provide safety and opportunity for all involved.

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