World Cup 2010 Official

The industry before the First World Cup 2010 game and during the matches is just huge. Millions of people and billions of dollars are about to take part in this craziness called the World Cup 2010 Soccer tournament. Like any other industry, the Soccer World Cup 2010 is divided to two main markets, the official market and the non official market.

Find here the World Cup official products:

  • World Cup Jerseys – The best Home and Away Jerseys for all the national teams of the World Cup 2010. Find Jerseys per national team and per your favorite soccer player.
  • World Cup Hats – All hats, per team, with great design options. South Africa is a hot country and each of the fans in the games need one hat to keep from the sun.
  • World Cup Scarves – Scarves of the national teams and scarves per game and per World Cup match. Scarf is the minimum each soccer fan must have,
  • World Cup Bags – Different designs of World Cup bags for daily use. Laptop bags, side bags, big bags and others are available on the biggest World Cup bags store.
  • World Cup Official Vuvuzela – The official horn for the World Cup games, the Vuvuzela and Kuduzela. Since There where people trying to stop the usage of this horn, the sales went much higher and still do.
  • World Cup 2010 Soccer Tickets – All matches tickets and more. Find the best prices for your tickets, second hand tickets and special packages. In addition, free accommodation tickets, flight tickets and more.

World Cup 2010 Logo

Just to give the taste about the numbers we are talking about, the World Cup 2010 official market is selling the World Cup Jerseys via the official stores, one player only, Kaka from Brazil, already sold more than 100,000 Jerseys with his number on it, with the FIFA logo and the Brazilian colors. Each of the Jerseys is sold for around 80 USD both on the internet and in the official World Cup stores. In the non official market, people are printing jerseys and giving them the official look, these jerseys sold already more than 2,000,000 pieces. The price for the World Cup 2010 official Jerseys is a bit higher, but the numbers are just different.

The FIFA organization is fighting the World Cup 2010 non official distributors and trying to make the industry around the World Cup 2010 games into clean and clear one, but just like any other of the sports markets, it’s impossible. Just like the jerseys, there are other merchants, flight tickets, games tickets, accommodation and many other things you can look at and see two types of, World Cup 2010 official ones and non official ones.

It’s important to know that even if it’s not World Cup 2010 official product or services, it can still be good done, with warranty, with good price and with legal form behind it. For example, the World Cup accommodation places for the fans. In case the World Cup fans are looking not to sleep in the official places the police in South Africa are setting for them, but want to sleep in the bush, there is no problem with that. Also there are slot of people in South Africa top rent their houses and flats as well.

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