World Cup 2010 wallpaper

The upcoming World Cup 2010 South Africa is raising the tense around the games to new levels. Players from the 32 national teams, the head coaches and the millions of fans around the world are already know the basic games schedule, the opponents in the early stage and the challenge they are about to have.

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World Cup Wallpaper #1, Blue design – click here

World Cup Wallpaper #2, Red design – click here

Brazilian World Cup Wallpaper – click here

Landon Donovan Wallpaper – click here

Samuel Eto’o Wallpaper – click here

Robinho Wallpaper – click here

Pato Wallpaper – click here

Diego Wallpaper – click here

The players and the head coaches, like the national team personals and the soccer associations are working hard to prepare themselves for the games. Since most of the players are already in the games round in their leagues, most of the national teams are having weekly training, learning the other teams in the group and doing whatever they can top come to South Africa in June 2010 and do the best they can.

The fans, on the other hand are working as hard as the players, in order to get ready to the World Cup 2010 games. the lucky ones, the fans with the financial possibility are buying the flight tickets and booking their games tickets. These fans and the unlucky ones which stayed at home are all buying the World Cup 2010 wallpapers for their teams and favorite players.

Since the old wallpapers and the popularity on each of them, there is no soccer fans with not even one World Cup 2010 wallpaper. There are many ones to be found online and the popularity of each is depending the player or team on it. The most popular ones at the moment are the World Cup 2010 wallpaper of Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba. Together with these players, the national teams of England and Germany are the most popular ones on theĀ  World Cup 2010 wallpaper.

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