World Cup Approved Stadiums

Now its official, the official World Cup organization committee, CEO, name Danny Jordaan, released a statement this afternoon about the thing we all feared of, the World Cup 2010 Stadiums. according to Mr Jordaan, there is an official World Cup Approval Stadiums for the games to start on June 11th.

Approved stadiums

South Africa had few problems in the last months, regarding the stadiums and the conditions for the World Cup 2010 games, where the most of the questions which were asked, came from FIFA and the national teams, for the condition of the stadiums. The most important thing to remember is that the stadiums are the face of the World Cup 2010  tournament, these are the places where the action is taking place.

this is a picture of one of the World Cup Approval stadiums:

After workers strikes and budget problems, South Africa finished all they have to do, renewing five stadiums and building five new ones for the Soccer World Cup games. Out of few minor things to complete like signing the stadium area and painting the roads for the soccer teams buses, the work was fully done. Around one billion euros spent on the work on the stadiums and South Africa can be proud with the results.

“The final tour is now complete and we can say with confidence that we have delivered on our promise of 10 world class stadiums” was the words of Danny Jordaan after taking he final tour around the 10 stadiums and after giving the final stamp, the games are about to start as schedule. With this World Cup Approval Stadiums, we can be sure for the World Cup games. Together with the stadiums themselves, the security works around the stadiums are about to be accomplished soon for the safe of the players, the national personals and the fans.

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