World Cup Bomb

Ever since South Africa was chosen to host the 2010 world soccer world cup, the security in South Africa was always the issue. World cup terror acts was something the organizers of the world cup events were afraid of.

South Africa constantly declared they drastically increased the number of security personnel near the stadiums and airport and in tourist main attraction location.

FIFA organization managers, are investing millions for special defense forces and intelligence, in order to secure the players, the national teams, the fans and the South African citizens.

It is known that several terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda would want to terrorize the world cup as it symbolize the victory of the western culture over any other obstacle including the Islam, and South Africa for that matter is an easy target located near attractive terrorist training grounds with past terrorism history.

There is no way unfortunately to prevent a world cup bomb or terrorism act as millions of tourists will participate in the events of the world cup.  There is a strong intelligence effort being made prior to the 2010 soccer world cup events to prevent world cup bomb acts attempts and terrorist from entering the land of South Africa. Unfortunately Terrorist organization already improved its effort in recruiting less suspicious European terrorist in order to succeed in the terror acts.

Due to the threats on the world cup games, the following measures were taken to prevent a world cup bomb act:

•    Patrol officers with K-9 sniffing dogs.
•    Increased security at the entrance of stadiums and in 4 security circles near the stadiums.
•    Full co-operation for effective background check for tourists in South Africa prior and during the world cup event.
•    Other measures which were not published.

In order to prevent in house co-operation, all security officials have gone through a thorough security check including in depth history and background check.

We all hope that the world cup 2010 events will go on plan with no uncalled events no terrorism bomb acts and any casualties among soccer fans who simply want to watch the world cup live from the stadiums.

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