World Cup Condoms – Fighting HIV In South Africa

No, this is not a sales pitch for a world cup branded condoms even though it might be a good idea to start manufacturing national team branded condoms.

As reported on the Guardian, Britain will send 42 million condoms to South Africa as part of the struggle to fight AIDS during the world cup. The rate of HIV infections is 1 out of 5 adults in South Africa, this is why it is crucial to raise more awareness for tourists who will be visiting South Africa during the world cup.

Every day 1,400 people are infected with HIV and 1,000 die. It’s not only sex infections but also fights infection prior to giving birth by HIV carrier. It is expected that the number of prostitutes will rise during the world cup and this is another reason why they should raise awareness to safe sex during the period of the soccer world cup and in general in South Africa as the country with the highest rate and infected people.

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If you are planning to attend the world cup make sure you are protected, don’t take any unnecessary risk, especially with the locals.
Having this in mind, hopefully the flood of people from western countries will help to raise awareness to using condoms and protective sex.

Now that you know the risks of unprotected sex during the world cup, make sure to use a world cup condoms, not only during the world cup but also before and after it – it’s your health and it’s your life.

And now that you know, get your team’s branded condoms only at FIFA 2010 products – enjoy the world cup and have safe sex.

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