World Cup Information

The World Cup in South Africa 2010 is the major soccer event in the world. Players, coaches, fans, national managers and others are about to come to South Africa for this great tournament in order to determine, who is the best soccer national team in the world. 32 teams will play more minimum three games each, when the final match in late July will be the one to make the call for the best team.

Millions of soccer fans re seeking for any kind of soccer and World Cup information and the internet is full with details. On the FIFA 2010 Products website, we will try to bring the most important information tips for the World Cup 2010, for the fans which are about to travel to South Africa and for the others, which will stay at home.

  • The teams to qualify the World Cup in South Africa, see who are the qualifying World Cup national team, the top 32 teams in the World to play for the golden Cup during June and July 2010.
  • Check the dates of each of the games in the upcoming summer, the World Cup dates are already published, this info will help you to schedule your time, book the flights and take the days off at work.
  • See the World Cup 2010 groups and the first games in each group, get to know the matches odds.
  • Updated and on the spot information with the World Cup news pages. All the events on real time, the games, the goals, free videos and interviews from South Africa.
  • For the fans who care traveling to South Africa, there are some great World Cup packages you can buy and enjoy great discounts. Choose the best World Cup packages for your needs and book it.
  • Learn the World Cup schedule for the hot 2010 African summer.
  • There are several unknown World Cup 2010 stadiums, who are about to host the games in summer 2010. If your team is playing in each of them, its great time to get to know them better.
  • World Cup 2010 photos, taken by professional photographers and by soccer fans in South Africa and abroad. We are working to upload as many World Cup photos as possible for your best.
  • There are many World Cup videos and DVD released for the last World Cup in Germany, many of them are available on YouTube and others online with other services such as MetaCafe. If you seek for more World Cup Videos, just look for them in Google video tab. The best videos are the World Cup best goals. You can find them also on YouTube and also in Online store, selling the DVD’s ” best world cup goals “.
  • Looking for a place to stay, check the Luxury Villas, the most recommended luxury villas for South Africa 2010 fans and official personals.
  • Additional information and help regarding the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, including all the additional help you need to have the best time of your life. If something is missing, please contact us, before the World Cup in South Africa and we will try to provide your needs.
  • Click and learn more from the World Cup links and additional information sources available for you.
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