World Cup 2010 Lottery

Recently many people are receiving notifications of winning cash prize from the “World Cup Lottery”. The upcoming FIFA 2010 world cup will take place in South Africa and so it seems that someone is trying to take advantage of the innocence of people and try to convince them to give their financial details for winning a huge amount of money.

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Obviously there’s no such thing as the world cup lottery!! It’s fake and it’s a scam so you should be ware from putting your trust into this e-mail.

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World cup Lottery

The way it works:

You don’t need to ask yourself where they got your e-mail from. They did. It was probably harvested from a website you once added your e-mail to (you can search Google for your e-mail address and see whether it appear on any website) or you are on some kind of database these scammers got a hold to.

You get a fake winning notification from the world cup 2010 lottery asking you to “urgently claim your winnings”, what’s the rush? It’s only 200 million dollars – yes, that’s right $200,000,000 which will probably do good to your bank account.

They leave a number which is supposedly a south African number which will lead to a kind secretary who will gladly explain you and thousands of others how to claim your winnings from the world cup lottery.

Claiming your winning is easy, all you need to do is transfer a small amount (in comparison to the amount you are about to get) to an unknown bank account simply to verify your identity. Who cares about that 10 thousand dollars when you are about to get your 200 mil ?

Once you transfer your money you can forget about the world cup lotto draw, the 200 million and your 10 thousand dollars. Feeling like a winner yet?

Apparently thousands have been scammed by this fake lottery announcements, lottery winning notifications does something to the person and especially if it’s that kind of prize money.

What can we do to protect the World Cup 2010 Lottery players?

Fighting spam and scam over the internet is not easy. The FBI is all over these scams, however you can never win. The best thing you as a person can do is warn others.

Send this information to your friends and alert others, if you have a blog or a website please link to this article to warn others. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you so don’t let it happen to others.
Enjoy the soccer world cup games.

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