World Cup Teams

Since the World Cup is a global event for people from all around the world, FIFA organization and the management team from South Africa is looking to provide the best service to all fans and soccer fans around the world. Even if your national team is not playing the World Cup, FIFA 2010 games, you must have some team you support in the World Cup. Each of the World Cup teams do have great name to carry over.

The national teams and the soccer associations from each of the 32 countries to play the World Cup 2010 in South Africa is looking to have more and more international fans, one of the ways to do so is to have a unique name for each of the World Cup teams. Here is a short list of the World Cup teams to play in summer 2010 for the title, and their names:

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Algeria, surprising team from Africa, called in their language the Desert Foxes, Les Fennecs. Group B is waiting for the Desert Foxes to show some quality soccer.
Argentina, according to the t shirts colors, white and blue, in Argentinean- Albicelestes. Messi and his friends do have hard work to defend the name value.
Australia, Ausi’s or the legend name of Socceroos. With easy Group D, they need to take the name higher in the World Cup.
Brazil, the 11 players on the field for Brazli are the selected p[layers, do the team is  the Selection – Seleção. Another name is according to the T shirt colors: Amarelo, means green and yellow.
Cameroon, the indomitable lions. Maybe the national team with the oldest name in the World Cup history.
Chile, couldn’t find any unique name for them, but the “RED” team, La Roja. Just take points from Spain and you are on the next round on the World Cup 2010.
Cote d’Ivoire, as known as the elephants, in French its Les Éléphants. The biggest and most important elephant is Drogba.
Denmark, the name of the team is for the sake of the legend head coach, Morten Olsen, do they call themselves Olsen’s Eleven.
England, the English team are not eleven like Denmark and Brazil, but three only, The Three Lions, like the symbol on their jersey. The first lion, Mr Beckham is not playing the World Cup.
France, French players can be white or black, they all The Blues.
Germany, Die Mannschaft, means the team. No way will the team not make it to the final.
Ghana, Another suprising African team called: The Black Stars.
Greece, Galanoleyki,something from the Greek history of heroes. They are real heroes, need to see if they can justify the name.
Honduras, The H team, like the jerseys symbol. Small team with small wishes for the World Cup.
Italy, Azzurri, in Italian sky blues, same as their great World Cup jerseys design. World Cup 2006 winners, can they win again?
Japan, blue samurais, same like in Italy, blue for the jersey, samurai for the Japanese history.
Mexico, Tricolor: for the three color on the Mexican flag, El Tri in Mexican. French team also called tri color in the past.
Netherlands, Oranje, like the Netherlands World Cup jersey color. This is the time and place for the Orange team to show some soccer quality.
North Korea, Unknown team from the hidden country, they called Chollima, from their history.
New Zealand, All Whites, hell knows what the meaning is. New to the World Cup businesses.
Nigeria, Used to be called the Eagles, now the name is super eagles.
Paraguay, same like other national teams, after the jersey color, white red team.
Portugal, the team of five shields, we all know Cristiano Ronaldo, he is one, where are the rest of the four shields?
Serbia, The Serbian team is like the Nigerian national team, the eagles, but white eagles.
Slovakia, didn’t found any name, do you?
Slovenia , the dragons. Are they?
South Africa , the national Bafana bafana means the boys
South Korea , red devils or red warriors.
Spain, Spanish team is the La Furia Roja for their fans, means red fury.
Switzerland, didn’t found any name, do you?
United States, like any other nick name for Americans, they are the Yanks.
Uruguay , Sky blue national team. One of the hottest promises for the World Cup games.

Thanks to Jerry A. from England for sending this list to me, if you have any comment regarding the world cup teams and names, please contact us and we will be happy to publish your comments.

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