World Cup Terror

The 2010 Soccer World cup will be held in South Africa which resides near some of the most dangerous terrorist hide out and training grounds. This is the reason why world cup terror is something to be afraid of.

Since the historical 9/11 mega terror act, every event which is to hold a large crowd and many tourist has strict security policy and a higher ratio of security officials compared to the number of attendees.

Just recently we read about the Togolese soccer team who got hit and by a terrorist act in the South African World Cup games. This raised some issues about the security arrangements made prior to the world cup.

It is still uncertain about whether terrorist groups will attempt world cup terror knowing the increased security and past experience, however there’s no doubt that the millions of tourists swarming into South Africa at the summer of 2010 will be an attractive terrorist target.

Since this is the first time the world cup 2010 takes place in South Africa, furthermore the first major event in South Africa to take place, and since there’s a lot of intelligence work done by the South African government joined with the US government, the security around the world cup events will be increased.

Soccer fans should not complain if they will be checked by local police from time to time, including a thorough check of their belongings to prevent a world cup bomb act.

In order to avoid a world cup terror act, if you plan to attend the world cup 2010 games in South Africa, stay away from crowded places. Most likely the stadiums will be secured so it’s the surroundings of the stadiums you should be worried about.
There’s no typical terrorist identity and this is why you should watch out from just about anyone you don’t know. Most importantly is to enjoy the game as we can’t allow terrorism to win freedom.

Wishing everyone a quiet and fun world cup.

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